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These small Voodoo Angels complete with lacy wings will bring you blessings all year round. They have lacy angel wings and remind us of the angelic forces that are with us at all times, attracting many blessings.

During the Holidays you can use them as ornaments, or as an unusual gift for someone you love and wish good things to. They can also be displayed on a wreath as shown below. The complete set of 5 dolls can also be used as 'worry dolls', displaying and concentrating on the one you wish to help you with its special blessings at the moment. As a set on a wreath or a garland, they will help balance the energies in your house all year round.

Made of sticks, Spanish Moss and colorful plaid cotton flannels, lace, with a starry crown.

Choose between:

Angels Voodoo Doll: $40.00 each

Set of 5 Voodoo Angels: $150.00

Five Angel Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Angel Dolls

Type: Red Green Yellow Blue White

Price: $40.00 | Quantity:

Set of 5 Voodoo Angel Dolls

Price: $150.00 | Quantity:

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