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Powerful Voodoo Spells and Spiritual Services

Voodoo Spells & Spiritual Services


Voodoo Crossroads Veve

We offer custom personalized and powerful Voodoo Spells for many specific reasons. They range from simple offerings and prayers with candle magic to elaborate Voodoo Rituals taking several days and many preparations of magic potions, powders, talismans and other items.

We cannot know in advance what your specific case requires, so we will always necessitate a prior in-depth reading and consultation to determine exactly what the root causes of your situation are and the possible answers as well as the quickest and surest way to obtain positive resolutions.

Voodoo Altar with offerings of fruit and fish

We endeavour to put our best efforts forward on behalf of clients to become their intercessors in the world of Spirits. This is careful time-consuming work, usually requiring many preparations and offerings. We use methods, and tried and true formulas and voodoo spells that have proven to be the best over time and have been passed onto us by generations of practitioners, priests and priestesses.

Below is a partial list of some of the kind of voodoo spells we have performed for clients over the years:

A voodoo offering of lit candles around a sculpture of a woman with a snake on an altar

Personal Spiritual Services

Voodoo Crossroads Veve

In all cases these services require a prior consultation to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and the correct means to remedy the situation at hand. This will be reflected in the cost of the services.

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for more information concerning the specific services you wish to obtain and the required suggested donation.


Voodoo Crossroads Veve

We make offerings to the Archangels, Loa, Orisha, Gods and Saints from many traditions all year round. Make sure you get included in the prayer list through your generous donation and enter the nature of your concern as well as your chosen date for your offering to be made.

Below is a partial calendar which we follow in our ritual offerings:

Saints Feast Days: (partial list)

JANUARY- 6-7 & 8 - Feast Days of Jasper, Balthazar & Melchior.( For obtaining gifts & prosperity.) 17 - Ogun.( For work, opportunities, protection from accidents and firearms.)

FEBRUARY - 2 - Oya. Mistress of the Cemetery.( For change, readying for battle, protection from winds.)

MARCH - 17 - Damballah-Aida Wedo, twin snakes of creation in conjunction with St Patrick's. For renewal, rejuvenation, new projects and creative power, to seal all rituals done previously. 19 - Osanyin (Deciduous vegetation, for healing and nourishmnt from Nature) 25 - Oshun - Our Lady of Charity. For love, abundance, charity, passion, creativity.( See also September)

APRIL - 19 - Feast of St Expedite - (To speed up requests and help accomplishing goals in a shorter time-frame) 22 - Earth Day - All Loa and Orisha (For renewing one's vows to make one's life sacred and in harmony with the whole Creation)

MAY - 15 - Ochosi - The Divine Hunter -(For justice, court cases, re-establishing balance and universal harmony)

JUNE - 21-23 - Summer Solstice - Legba - St John's Eve - John the Conqueror ( To celebrate the summer, the warmth, fire and nourishment from the Sun. For opportunities, good luck and to re-align oneself with cosmic forces)

JULY - 14 - Saint Kateri - Patron saint of ecologists and environmentalists. Prayers for balance and preservation of the earth resources and all sentient beings. Was just cannonized December 2011.

AUGUST - 2 - Black Madonna - Virgin of the Angels. For solace, protection, fertility, to give up one's sorrows and for protection of mothers and children.) 16 - Feast of St Roch - atron saint of dogs and those who love them. St Roch is associated with the great healing Spirit Babalu Aye, whose feast day is also celebrated on December 17th.

SEPTEMBER - 7 - Yemaya ( For apaesement of sorrows, abundance, love and fertility, protection of the home) 8 - Oshun -Our Lady of Charity ( For love, abundance, charity, passion, creativity, the Arts.( See also March) 24 - Obatala - Our Lady of Mercy. (For universal peace and harmony)

OCTOBER - 4 - Orunmila (For divination, psychic powers, prophetic knowledge) 24- Erinle (For healing all ) 31- Halloween ( to make hallowed before the rites of the Ancestors - to dispel evil forces through disguise and subterfuge) 28 - Maximon - Spirit from Mexico who helps bring riches in particular silver to those who keep an altar to Him. Has been synchretized as Saint Simon so we use this date for His feast day.

NOVEMBER - 1 - Day of the Dead - Baron Samedi - Maman Brigitte -Ghede ( Rites to the Ancestors according to your own familial or ethnic tradition) 3 - St Martin de Porres ( For healing and for those who have made healing professions their chosen path)

DECEMBER - 4 - Xango (For vitality, health, courage, victory in battles, to repel enemies and negative works and evil spells) 12 - Our Lady of Guadelupe (For miracles, for abundance, solace in times of trials and troubles, healing and for strengthening one's faith) 17 - Babalu-Aye ( For healing, particularly skin ailmnts, for abundance) 21-25- Winter Solstice - Christmas - Ellegua - El Nino de Atocha - Infant Jesus of Prague. (To celebrate the coming return of the sun, to prepare for the winter months and their unseen transformation which will lead to new birth in springtime, to re-align oneself with the cosmic forces. Birth of Jesus celebration 31 - Yemaya - La Madre de Agua. ( For protection of mothers and children, for fertility and abundance , To usher a new year of compassion and well-being and wealth in all things.)

We celebrate the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, the Winter and Summer Solstice with Rites and Offerings as well as the monthly New Moon and Full Moon, Spiritual baths can be made for clients at each ceremony, per demand only.

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