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"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."
- Carl Jung

Spiritual Healing

Rev. Severina has had excellent success through her spiritual healing practice, helping to facilitate improvements to many clients suffering from chronic ailments and pain.

When you book a spiritual healing session with Rev. Severina your investment guarantees you her undivided attention, time and expertise for the length of your private session. She uses specially selected stones, crystals and herbs to help absorb, disseminate, disperse, eliminate or concentrate the energy, depending on the nature of the dis-ease. Naturally results differ with each person, depending on numerous factors. But even if you cannot measure your level of spiritual healing by conventional methods, you can be assured that there will be subtle improvements on many different levels. This may manifest as a new found resolution to heal, improved inner strength or some new awareness of previously hidden emotional or mental causes of the dis-ease. Spiritual healing often brings new clarity and determination on the part of the client so he/she is better able to initiate a new focused path towards physical wellness.

The client's mental, emotional and physical selves are all touched by spiritual healing. The level of measurable results will depend on the levels of harmony, balance, receptivity and willingness to heal that exist within the clients themselves.

Spiritual Healing Sessions

• In Person:
$250.00 donation (one hour)

• Long Distance:
$250.00 donation (one hour)
$150.00 donation (30 minutes)


For your home or office. This special ceremony will clear and remove obstacles as well as extract unwanted and negative blocks from your home or place of work. With drumming, chanting, specific prayers & invocations, sacred smokes and herbs, your space is cleansed, rebalanced and blessed anew. A very powerful ceremony to clear and consecrate your dwelling.

E-mail for information, arrange a scheduled appointment and suggested donation.


This special uplifting and healing ceremony will clear, close and heal your aura. Rev.Severina will use sacred smoke, spiritual waters, invocations, mantras and prayers to heal and balance your aura. A beautiful ceremony full of grace and spiritual healing.

E-mail for information, arrange a scheduled appointment and suggested donation.



For promoting health and wellness. Rev. Severina is a Reiki Master with over 30 years experience with clients all over the world. Healing energy pervades all and manifests in all.

A series of three successive sessions is recommended, about 45 minutes each, over the course of several days, followed by more sessions at regular intervals such as one session weekly or bi-monthly.

REIKI is helpful in all manner of disease, pain management, grieving, mental and emotional imbalances, stress-reduction, and to assist people in death and dying.

REIKI promotes optimum wellness, balance and happiness.

All REIKI sessions are done long distance at an appointed date and time.

To learn MORE about REIKI please see REIKI - AN OVERVIEW.

Reiki Sessions:
Single Session: $50.00 donation (40 min.)
Monthly/Flat Rate: $200.00 donation (one session per week)

Number of Sessions or Months:

Note: REIKI in person is also available at our location in Lacombe LA, by appointment only and should be booked 2 weeks in advance. Sessions in person are 1 hour. Donation in person is $80.00 per session.

Please E-mail to set up your Reiki sessions.

Life Designs & Coaching

Our lifestyle designs and coaching encompasses the most unique and personalized products and services to help you attain balance, focus and empowerment so that you may attain your fullest potential and manifest your destiny while enjoying full happiness.

Rev. Severina draws on her long experience working with individuals and groups alike, as a yoga teacher, meditation and life coach, "intuitive Feng Shui practitioner and fully initiated Reiki Master to help you determine what will work best for you in your own time and space. She also draws from her years of studying metaphysical and spiritual practices from enlightened teachers and her Spirit Guides.

Empower yourself and be happy!

No life is still - there is always advancement onto the journey ahead. No two persons are alike, yet we are all reflections of the Divine. In a world of consumerism and sameness it is not always easy to look within, secure our center and hear our intuition clearly so we can progress fast and steady on our unique path. As always Rev. Severina assists each client personally on their chosen journey, as well as custom blends and crafts each product, always guided by her own Spiritual Allies.

"God loves you as you." Bishop Gene Robinson

Life Design Services


Help discover your true potential for health, wealth and success in all areas of your life through the science and magic of numbers. Through a comprehensive analysis of your Mystical Soul Number and your Mystical Birth Number you can better understand what numbers work for you. Use these discoveries to set up your goals, your time and schedules and more according to the magic inherent in numbers. Now offered for the first time a full analysis of your personal number values and their meanings will be sent to you in writing.

Investment One full numerology analysis (in writing): $150.00

Numerology Reading


Learn which animal, plant or tree and mineral or gem are your own personal Allies and how they can help you, guide you and work with you for balance, strength, inspiration and wisdom. Now offered in writing, a comprehensive analysis of your personal unique Earth relations and how you relate to them and they relate to you.

Investment: one full Earth Totems analysis (in writing) : $150.00

Earth Totems Reading


Rev. Severina has been studying dreams, keeping dream journals, and interpreting dreams for over 40 years. Her study and work in this field are influenced mostly by Carl Jung and Tibetan scholars.

Investment: one full hour DREAM analysis: $150.00

Dream Analysis

By phone - US only.


Life Design Products

Lunar Cycle Magical Herbal Baths


An herbal bath to be taken at the time of the new moon and early waxing moon. Helps with empowerment and balance. Enrichment of new concepts and projects. Helps with clearing the vision and manifesting new goals. A prior reading may be helpful so that each bath may be specifically blended for the client from the information given through the reading. The bath is specially mixed by Rev. Severina during an offering/blessing ceremony at the New Moon ritual, then sent to the client to use with specific personal instructions.

Investment: $91.00 per kit | Quantity:


An herbal bath to be taken once a month at the time of the full moon and early waning moon. Helps with balance and accomplishment. Helps to solidify your spiritual infrastructure, accepting and internalizing new achievements. A reading may be helpful so that each bath may be custom-blended for the client from the input received during the reading. The bath is specially blended by Rev. Severina during an offering/blessing ceremony at the full moon, then sent to the client to use with specific personal instructions.

Investment: $91.00 per kit | Quantity:

NOTE: Shipping is included within US. We cannot ship herbal items to some countries, please inquire before ordering. Overseas postage is extra.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens."
- Carl Jung.