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A heart pattern in wrought iron
A heart pattern in wrought iron

Congo Square Voodoo Doll

For luck in friendship, luck in courting and lasting romance. The boy and girl dolls can be bound to keep two people together!

For luck and profit in the marketplace!

I am greatly indebted to Voodoo Priest and drummer extraordinaire Louis Martinie for sharing his vast knowledge of the history of Congo Square with my daughter and me.

Congo Square is considered hallowed grounds by all Voodooists in New Orleans. It is situated right outside of the French Quarter and is an important stop-over in my walking tour itinerary.

Originally named the ''Place Publique'' it served as bartering and meeting ground for people of color on Sundays during the French and Spanish colonial periods. It is during the American period that it was renamed Congo Square after the grounds were rented intermittently to the Congo Circus (incidentally closed to black people!). But it was also during this fabulously rich era of commerce and growth that Congo Square grew as a full-flege market and meeting place for all people of color. There, they could exchange goods, exchange news, play drums, dance and drink ''tafia'' (fermented sugar cane juice). Young people would dance and court each other, girls dressing up with ribbons and wonderful ''tignons''. During its heyday, the great priestess Marie Laveau came often to Congo Square and lucky were those who witnessed the great Queen dance with her snake!

My Congo Square Voodoo dolls are meant to bring the fun, joy and good luck inherent to this sacred place. I use natural Louisiana products in their fabrication, dressing each one in calico or madras cottons which would have been available at that time. The boy doll may be further decorated with some straw implement or a bandana. The girl doll may try to entice with her ribbons and colorful tignon.

These dolls are for good luck in all areas, fun and happiness, good luck in courting and for those in the marketplace! They also make a delightful gift and souvenir from Old New Orleans!

Height = approx. 12 inches tall

Congo Square Voodoo Doll
Choose: Boy Girl

Price: $45.00
Set of Boy and Girl Congo Square Voodoo Dolls

Price: $80.00

Two Congo Square Voodoo dolls resting on a beautiful wooden chair
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