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Queen Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll™

Queen Marie Laveau was the greatest Voodoo Priestess that ever lived in New Orleans. Today, 125 years after her passing into the world of the Ancestors, she is still prayed to, petitioned for favors and blessings and made offerings to. Every single day of the year, hundreds of people go and visit her tomb in the oldest cemetery of the city, St Louis #1. There, they leave offerings, pray, meditate and ask for her benevolent intervention so that their wishes may be granted. A free woman of color, Queen Marie Laveau performed many miracles during her life-time, selflessly cared for the sick and poor during the recurring epidemics that plagued the city on an almost yearly basis, attended to prisoners and the condemned, and followed a life of ritual and practice. She was most powerful in her spells for love, marriage, healing and in cases of justice. Those who earnestly pursue the tradition of New Orleans Voodoo keep an altar to Her in their temples. Often they also keep a chair for her exclusive use so She may come and sit and grace the dwelling with her energy. For more about our relationship with our great Queen, we suggest you read our book "Voodoo At Cafe Puce".

This very special Queen Marie doll is made exclusively by Rev. Severina with great care and reverence. Each is a little different but each is true in spirit and in the color choices which Marie Laveau herself would have worn when directing a ritual or some other important spiritual work. Each doll is ritually offered on the altar and blessed before shipping. Many people collect my dolls of the Loa and Orisha and our Queen Marie is definitely a collector's item. Each comes with a stand and a card signed and dated by Rev. Severina.

Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll: $75.00

Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll

Queen Marie Laveau Doll™

Queen Marie Laveau Doll™

Queen Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll

Price: $75.00 | Quantity:

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